The SideWays Monkey
Sean Meaney
22 years old
Freelance videographer and photographer
Passionate surfer and skateboarder
Credits and Awards include
Pedestrian TV photography awards 2012- Short listed-sport, Short listed-art
The Herald Sun
The Age
Yawp comedy magazine
Heelside Magazine
Tracks Magazine
Australian Surfing Life.
Stimulate Your Soul Magazine
Past/Current Clients Include
Mikey Hundred
Snoop Dogg
Bliss n Eso
Heelside Magazine
The SideWays Monkey
Me walking to my office for the day #surf #summer
Bit of Sunday chemistry drying off in the shower, results are interesting when you make up your own chemistry #film  #diy darkroon
All I need for a night at work
Eso portrait in a laneway in windsor, shot the right way on 35mm #film
First poster shoot, hyped as hell for this show #hunj
One of the first scans from the home lab, stuff like this is why I love photography
I havnt been posting a ton lately cos I’m moving away from digital as much as i can, the downside is that theres going to be a bit of a gap till i get myself a film scanner. I have how ever been making a few images here and there, i took this one of charlotte the other week when we went exploring in the city
Found a camera my parents got me when I was in grade 3 of primary school, it still had a roll of Kodak gold 400 in it which I had shot, this is just one of the frames that was worth sharing
SƒKNG doing his thing last night on stage with peezo at the espy front bar
shooting on the x10 is almost like a digital lomo camera when it comes to low light, but man its fun
Its been announced today that Big Day Out won’t happen in 2015, I feel so damn privileged to be able to say i got to shoot what is now the last Big Day Out, this photo from the 2014 BDO is one of the happiest moments of my life, its an experience i will never ever forget.